13 01, 2017

Variable Pay: A Viable Alternative Pay Strategy?


By: Lindsay Coobs Merit increases have been the go-to method for pay-for-performance for the past several decades. However, 80% of employers say merit pay is ineffective at driving higher levels of performance and 26% of employers admit to paying bonuses to employees who fail to meet expectations, according to WillisTowersWatson. That being said, many employees [...]

Variable Pay: A Viable Alternative Pay Strategy?2018-05-09T19:54:20-04:00
12 01, 2017

Gambling in the Workplace


By: Melanie Geddes With the ‘big game’ right around the corner, followed by March Madness, office betting pools are going to be surging around the workplace. Gamblers wagered an estimated $4 billion on the 2015 Super Bowl and another $3 billion on the NCAA tournament – and spent an unknown amount of work hours on [...]

Gambling in the Workplace2018-05-09T19:54:40-04:00
13 12, 2016

Why Good Employees Quit, Even Though They Love Their Job:


No one likes losing a great employee. Employees are expensive to replace, onboard, and train and there's the uncertainty of how a new employee will work out. There's also the hardship on the rest of the team until the position is filled. Sometimes there's a good reason for their departure --the person wasn’t a good [...]

Why Good Employees Quit, Even Though They Love Their Job:2018-05-09T19:55:18-04:00
12 12, 2016

How Small Business Owners Can Reduce Holiday Stress


by: Melonie Geddes The holiday season can be overwhelming for the typical small business owner and that can zap the joy right out of the happiest time of the year. Owners often find that personal commitments, holiday shopping, and business demands combine to make the holiday season very stressful. Key employees go on vacation, shipments [...]

How Small Business Owners Can Reduce Holiday Stress2018-05-09T19:59:43-04:00
28 11, 2016

Update: New Overtime Rules Temporarily Halted


As of November 22, 2016, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction that temporarily halts the new overtime regulations from taking effect on December 1, 2016.   What does this mean for Employers? For right now, the overtime rules will remain the same. Which means that employers do not need to pay overtime [...]

Update: New Overtime Rules Temporarily Halted2018-05-09T19:55:46-04:00
15 11, 2016

New Overtime Rules Checklist


As the December 1 deadline is just around the corner small business owners have only a few short weeks to get their company in compliance with the new overtime rules. Here is the checklist for key considerations when determining what steps your small business needs to make to comply with the changes to the [...]

New Overtime Rules Checklist2018-05-09T19:55:58-04:00
22 09, 2016

Can you withhold wages when an employee quits and they have company property?


By: Melanie Geddes An employee suddenly quits. They don’t give any type of notice. They just never show up to work and never provide an explanation or reason for doing so. This type of behavior can have a much more devastating effect on small business than an enterprise organization, but no matter the size of [...]

Can you withhold wages when an employee quits and they have company property?2017-07-14T12:49:34-04:00
24 08, 2016

What is with the New Overtime Rules?


By: Melonie Geddes Television shows have often romanticized long days and late nights spent finalizing an advertising pitch or preparing legal briefs for the big court case, and the spark of an idea fueled by lack of sleep and a hundred cups of java, that won over the client and landed the big deal. But [...]

What is with the New Overtime Rules?2018-05-09T19:56:16-04:00
15 07, 2016

Beer Fridge Culture: Is it right for your business?


By: Lindsay Coobs Does booze have a place in the workplace? As an HR professional, my immediate thoughts turn to possible legal liabilities and everything else that could potentially go wrong. However, many companies today are embracing the beer fridge culture. From start-ups to major corporations, alcohol consumption at work is slowly making a comeback. [...]

Beer Fridge Culture: Is it right for your business?2016-11-01T15:15:35-04:00
15 06, 2016

Preventing Workplace Violence


By: Melonie Geddes The recent tragedy in Orlando has made many of us reflect on all the mass shootings we have experienced in the recent past and it reminds us how common violence in the workplace has become. What would you do if a gunman entered your place of work? How would you keep employees safe and [...]

Preventing Workplace Violence2016-11-01T15:15:35-04:00