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What you need, when you need it. Employers Advantage provides practical and effective HR Solutions on an as needed basis. We offer solutions for sticky situations and the seemingly benign interactions – we’ll help your hire, fire, and effectively manage every interaction in between.

Whether you are a multi-state employer with more complex HR compliance or all of your employees are in one state, we have your HR policies and procedures covered.


HR policies & procedures

Your policies,

in place.

Regardless of your size or industry, regulations apply. We bring the skills and experience that will strategically prevent problems and build your future on a solid foundation. Employers Advantage puts the proper protocol into place for all HR related actions.

Whether you are a multi-state employer with more complex HR compliance or all of your employees are in one state, we have your HR policies and procedures covered.


HR investigations & documentation of claims

Get the facts.

Oral complaints can have the same impact as written ones, and lack of documentation isn’t a defense. Professional, third party HR investigations and documentation of claims can neutralize accusations of bias and facilitate an atmosphere conducive to honest communications. Employers Advantage can effectively provide professional, objective documentation and a recommended course of action for any complaint.


employee relations

Handle with


How you handle employee relations may be the most important factor in productivity, motivation, and morale. Simply put, it impacts what you get out of your employees and your bottom line.


Clear and concise communications and policies can promote positive employee perception and a unified approach to goals throughout your organization. Employers Advantage systematically limits liability by effectively handling difficult interactions like conflict resolution, disciplinary and corrective actions, employee counseling and terminations.  We also deliver well-managed events, communications, rewards and recognition that can motivate and boost morale without creating liability.


employee handbooks

What's your policy?

Generic policies in your employee handbook may protect you from liability, but are they helping your business run as efficiently as it could? A great employee handbook doesn’t just put the rules in writing. It should accurately reflect your company’s culture, what’s expected of your employees, and establish policies that will help your company excel. Policies that launched one company ahead of its competition could be devastating to another.

A company’s employee handbook should be drafted considering the industry, applicable legislation, management style and the individual company’s needs. Failing to consider any one of these key points can cause wasted resources, a negative impact on the bottom line, and increased liability.

Employers Advantage can draft a custom employee handbook that establishes clear and effective policies for your organization.


employee performance management




Develop the capacity to perform in every team, through each employee, by setting targeted performance expectations.We deliver performance management that is measurable, understandable, verifiable, equitable and achievable. Employers Advantage designs your custom performance evaluation program and develops your employee’s capacity to perform, so that each team can channel their efforts toward achieving organizational objectives.

human resource compliance audit

Expose the weaknesses in your HR.

You’ve heard the saying: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A full scope HR Compliance Audit can provide your business with that ounce of prevention in order to protect your profit.

We effectively uncover & resolve liability issues before they become a problem with voluntary review and analysis of outdated or nonexistent policies in order to expose the weaknesses in your HR procedures and minimize the risk of expensive mistakes.  

We provide an analysis of all policies and procedures, an accurate account of potential hr compliance issues, and the implementation of practical and effective solutions for your company.


employee assistance program

Well being

for your employees.

We have partnered with NextGen to offer EAP services — a truly holistic approach to wellbeing for your employees. We leverage your entire benefit package to meet your human capital needs.


  • Cost Containment

  • Improved Talent Retention

  • Improved Work/Life Balance

  • Boosting Employee Engagement

  • Absenteeism Reduction

  • Increased Productivity

  • Preventing HR Issues

  • 8 Counseling Sessions included

An 8-in-1 solution backed by a 24/7 call center

  • Wellness

  • Health Advocacy

  • HR Support & Education

  • Behavioral Health & Counseling

  • Legal & Financial Consulting

  • Virtual Concierge

  • Online Training & Resources

  • Integrated Mobile App


targeted recruiting &

candidate selection


that fit

your needs.

Employers Advantage recruits differently. We don’t stock pile candidates for each job function. Instead we provide Targeted Recruiting and Candidate Selection.That means we get to know our clients, the expectation for the specific position, and then recruit for the right fit. This way you get a handful of candidates that fit your needs well, instead of a stack of resumes that meet only the skills requirements.

Afterall,  great choices drive growth but poor choices drive costs.  Regardless of your industry, results matter. An employee doing their job well impacts your organization and your reputation. The right people, with the right skills, in the right place can optimize efficiency and facilitate positive results. Whether you’re recruiting for leadership or support staff, it’s important that your new hire facilitates positive growth in your organization.

speak up now hotline

Invest in your team.

Give employees a voice and a place to go should they experience a situation in the workplace that may leave them feeling unsure as to where to go. The Speak Up Now Hotline is a confidential third-party HOTLINE available to employees giving them the ability to provide confidential feedback, suggestions for improvement, appreciation for an employee or process, feedback on experiences and policies in the workplace or concerns of potential situations of workplace wrongdoing, such as harassment or discrimination.

Learn more here >


leadership training & 

customized employee training

increase employee productivity, motivation and morale.

The right set of tools can help your team increase employee productivity, motivation and morale. Many teams fail simply because they don’t have the right set of skills. Employers Advantage develops key skills with your human capital giving them the ability to effectively execute your plans and we teach leadership how to implement company strategies, mitigate internal conflict, impact productivity, and employee engagement. With the right training your team can lead with confidence, navigate change, and build workplace productivity.

Some of our most commonly requested training includes company standards, policy roll out meetings, respectful workplace and anti-harassment, supervisory skills, effective interviewing, performance management and more.


office yoga




Stretch it out.  It has been proven that Yoga reduces stress, improves focus, and increases energy and flexibility.  Providing this wellness benefit to employees is a great way to invest in their long term health and well being.  Our Office Yoga services are designed for everyone and are simple moves that can be done right at your desk.

Both virtual and on-site sessions are available in 15 minute or 30 minute incrememnts.


job descriptions

What's in a 


Not much. Expectations for the same title can vary widely from company to company. A well designed job description can empower employees to fulfill the potential of their assigned role and hold them accountable to the expectations of that role within your company. Defining the parameters for each employee enables everyone in the office to know exactly what they’re accountable for, allowing them to structure their time in accordance to what’s most important to you, their employer. A well drafted job description attracts the right candidates and equips current human capital with the direction that they need to excel.

Whether you are a multi-state employer with more complex HR compliance or all of your employees are in one state, we have your HR policies and procedures covered.

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