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Feature: 10 New Holiday Ideas for the Workplace: How to Keep It Fun and Inclusive

The workplace is not the same place it was a few years ago. For many of us, we have transitioned to remote work, which means our idea of a workplace holiday party also needs to transition.

This article looks at 10 new ways to keep the holidays fun for everyone.

"For Deanna Baumgardner, who runs the remote-first team powering Employers Advantage, an HR consulting company specializing in small business, the transition to remote work has affected how many companies choose to celebrate the holidays.

But that doesn’t mean you should skip them altogether. The way Deanna sees it, celebrating together as a team is still important. She advises company leaders to 'be more intentional about how they communicate, what they communicate and how company culture is facilitated throughout the organization.'

Last year, Deanna sent each team member a gift and hosted a virtual team happy hour.

'Each person opened their gift during the team happy hour and then we played a game in which each person ahead of time gave me 2-3 fun facts about themselves that nobody on the team would know and then as I went through each fun fact, the team had to try and figure out who the person was that the fun fact belonged to,' Deanna explained.

Everyone had a blast, plus they got to know more about each other. Win-win."

To read the rest of the article and learn some tips that could help you in your holiday planning, click here.

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