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We act as an independent, third-party resource for all employees to voice a concern, provide feedback or even submit an idea. Topics can range from workplace feedback, management feedback, sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination in the workplace based on gender, race or disability, unsafe working conditions, etc.

Whether you witnessed it or it happened to you, SPEAK UP NOW!

Once you submit this short form, our team of Human Resources professionals will get in touch with you within 48 hours to discuss the next steps. Get started on this form here. 

Note: Be ready with your company ID code

If you prefer not to give your name, or submit this form, you can use one of the following communication methods. Email: eahotline@speakupnow.net

Or by calling toll-free: 1-800-604-0786

Note: Be ready with your company ID code

Bridging the gap between HR policy & practical application.



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