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Feature: 23 Experts on What Employers Should Stop, Keep and Start Doing to Make Work a Better Place sat down with a group of HR professionals and women-targeted businesses to determine how employers could do better. Our very own Deanna Baumgardner was selected as one of 23 experts to weigh in on the topic:

Women at Work: 23 Experts on What Employers Should Stop, Keep and Start Doing to Make Work a Better Place for Women

What women want:

  1. An inclusive workplace

  2. Equal pay

  3. A clear path to leadership

  4. Support for all parents

  5. Diversity beyond gender identity

What employers should stop doing:

83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress. Despite increased buzz around this topic, many workers still aren’t granted leave for mental health issues in the same way they would be if they were experiencing physical symptoms. Yet, studies show that companies that invest in the mental health of their employees see higher productivity and retention rates.

What employers should keep doing:

When women feel empowered at work, they stay. Part of closing the pay gap is ensuring that women have equal opportunities when it comes to career advancement within your company. While women are reportedly less likely to negotiate pay, they are more likely to leave a job in order to find another that pays better or offers greater flexibility.

What employers should start doing:

The general consensus from our panel is that women need a more supportive environment when it comes to leadership development. Unsurprisingly, the data backs them up. A seminal 2007 study conducted by Gartner and Capital Analytics at Sun Microsystems found that employees enrolled in a mentorship program are more likely to be promoted than those who aren’t.

Employers should keep focused on the needs of women in the workplace. It became clear through the pandemic that women were forced to decide between work and family and it shouldn’t have to be that way. - Deanna Baumgardner

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