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Rewards and Recognition: Virtual Employees

Last week, we shared with you some ways to create a rewards and recognition program or rethink your current process. This week, we wanted to remind you, employers, do not forget about your virtual employees – out of sight should not mean out of mind! Remember, when it comes to them:

  • Be flexible – understand that although they are working from home, allow them some grace when it comes to your expectations of their workload and even work hours. Offering a varied work schedule or allowing for non-traditional hours as business allows can be a great perk. For example, if I’m not an early bird – my manager telling me I could sleep in, start the day at 10:00 AM and finish up by 6:00 PM or 7:00 PM, would be great – a nice “perk”. Just ensure you stay connected with their supervisor/direct reports to ensure the work is being completed.

  • Offer learning opportunities – provide them with classes they can access for free or at a reduced cost. But don’t limit the classes to traditional continuing education…by giving them an opportunity to take part in a wide variety of options such as exercise, cooking, and meditation classes in addition to professional development courses you can support their mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Virtual events put together some virtual team building events such as playing Pictionary or Jeopardy or do a happy hour. We at Employer’s Advantage have a designated 30-minute Zoom “coffee break” every Thursday morning where we discuss anything BUT work…it’s always lots of fun and a great way to start the day. Hold a weekly virtual social with a theme to do together. Some ideas could include dressing in your favorite decade or bring your pet or kids into the call. It’s a great way to have a little fun without interfering too much in after-work hours.

  • Company Swag – mail company branded items to your employees for a job well done or a simple token of your appreciations.

  • Stay connected – celebrate each other’s successes through team appreciation. Beginning weekly team meetings with a kudos for each other is a great morale builder. Simple check-ins via chat and Skype makes it easy to connect, but it’s also important to make the effort to check in directly with team members who might be disconnected and bogged down due to meetings. It’s also helpful to reach out to colleagues from other teams via chat or phone to connect with others across the company and hear how they are doing.

  • Get to Know Me Activities – one way you could do this is to invite your team to participate in a casual “get to know me” Zoom activity that gives people the opportunity to share a family tradition, custom or favorite family recipe with each other. This creates an opportunity for dialogue with all team members to share their unique life experiences with each other. This level of interest models a healthy, diverse company culture and shows respect and recognition for them as individuals.

Next week, join us as we wrap up our series!

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