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Feature: Reimagining Company Culture in the Manufacturing Industry

We have seen the work force changing dramatically in all industries. However, the manufacturing industry has seen and felt even more of a shift in the normal working conditions. Labor shortages lead to production delays or, in some cases, a total stop of all procedures.

Deanna Baumgardner, owner of Employers Advantage, was featured in this article about reimagining the culture of manufacturing businesses.

Here are 4 ways manufacturers can improve their company culture:

1. Demonstrate you're listening

2. Help workers grow

3. Showcase what's new

4. Think about perks

Deanna recommends looking to your workers' other skills and interests to see what else they might be able to offer outside of their assigned position. "A line worker, for example, might excel at photography, so let them take photos for a social media campaign. Just because somebody mighty be in a production role doesn't mean they need to do that all the time. Maybe they have other interests that could be called on to help keep them interested and engaged, but also benefit the organization."

Read the full article here.


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