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Feature: Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting, what is it? What can employers do to avoid it?

In this article, Breezy.HR reached out to eight HR professionals to weigh in on quiet quitting.

Here's a list of three things you can expect to learn from Breezy's article:

  • What is Quiet quitting

  • 8 feature HR professionals weigh in on quiet quitting

  • How to say goodbye to quiet quitting

Deanna Baumgardner with Employers Advantage LLC was featured in this article and addresses why quiet quitting could be a symptom of a deeper problem.

“People took notice and made decisions on how they want to live and work and are now putting that into action. Some people realized they were giving too much of themselves and not getting what they needed in return, so they are putting up boundaries to protect their time and their well-being. As they should.”

Head over to Breezy's article to read the full article about the "unofficial resigning" trend that took over business accounts on TikTok and learn more about what other HR professionals are saying about quiet quitting.

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