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Meet our team of small business HR Consultants. We work in tandem with each other to give you the best advice possible.

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Whether you are looking to supplement your current HR function, or are starting from scratch, we’ll help you build an HR infrastructure that protects you and your small business.

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We help small business owners in most states throughout the country but we can provide in-person support in select locations.

à la carte human resources services

Employers Advantage offers clients a comprehensive suite of services designed to provide practical and effective Human Resources 


Bridging the gap between HR policy & practical application.

We work to provide HR solutions that don’t clash with your company’s culture. It’s part of what makes your business unique.

We retain talent that understands how compliance issues  impact small businesses specifically.

We work with you to make sure  the options that we provide are a good fit for where your business is going.

Our human resources expertise is focused on small business. We understand that your company runs differently than big business.

practical • effective • affordable 

Our small business packages are designed to make sure your HR needs are covered.

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We continuously work to give our clients the highest quality HR outsourcing experience possible.

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Bridging the gap between HR policy & practical application.



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Employers Advantage, LLC is proud to have been included in the Charlotte Business Journal’s most recent Annual Book of Lists.

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