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Recalling, Recharging and Ramping Back Up

Small businesses are doing everything they can to stay afloat right now and working through many unknowns as they look to re-open and bring employees back. To help support the small business community, various groups are coming together to provide resources and information specifically for small businesses to help get them back in business.

Through some of these initiatives, Deanna Baumgardner has been asked to participate and provide Human Resources guidance. Here are a couple of the programs that have recently happened and can be viewed.

The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance hosted a small business workshop on May 13, 2020 focusing on Recalling, Recharging and Ramping Back Up: Reengaging our Workforce. Deanna participated as a Solution Partner to moderate a breakout room and provide HR support as-needed to the small business owner attendees.

Mayor Vi Lyles and the Economic Development Department hosts a mentorship webinar series each week to connect local businesses to resources as part of the City of Charlotte Open for Business Initiative.

On June 9, Deanna was 1 of 4 panelist for a roundtable discussion around brining employees back to work and how small businesses can manage those processes during a pandemic. That Webinar is full of great information from all of the panelists as well as information about the Access to Capital Program for Charlotte area small businesses.

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