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Rewards and Recognition: Takeaways

We wanted to wrap up our rewards and recognition series with a few takeaways:

  • As managers and leaders, exhibit the behaviors you want to see you in your employees – be the change you wish to see.

  • You want to foster appreciation and yet not create a sense of entitlement – recognition can be done anytime, anywhere, but rewards should be reserved for exceptional work and achievement.

  • Make your program simple, easy and in the flow of work – use the systems and tools you currently have to implement what you need. For example, our company uses Slack, and we have a Slack channel named Kudos where we can give shout outs to each other, whether it’s for some help on a project, providing feedback, or a compliment from a client. Use what you’ve got.

There are clearly some differences between rewards and recognitions, but both are important for helping your employees feel satisfied and engaged with their work. If you don’t have enough budget for fancy rewards, no worries! Your employees will be pleased with meaningful recognition. And never forget the art of the handwritten note. Handwritten notes are a great way to recognize your employees and can really mean a lot to them. Go to Wal-Mart or Target and buy some generic stationary and have them on hand to write out authentic notes to your employees.

Above all else, just start recognizing. A thank you note to a reliable worker who may not be in the spotlight is a great place to start. And if you have a handle on the simple stuff already, take the next step and think of ways to add to your existing programs. Honestly when it comes down to it, yes, a lot has changed in our world, especially over the past 2 years, but our wiring as humans remains the same, we all want to feel like we matter, that we are seen, and that we are valued.

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