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Creating Cultures That Support & Sustain Mental, Emotional, Social, Physical & Financial Wellness

Automation of tasks, Management of the human experience. The role of manager is changing.

The pandemic has created a moment of collective reckoning about what it means to live well and to work well. Our very own, Deanna Baumgardner, had the pleasure of being interviewed by Authority Magazine to discuss Working Wellness: How Companies Are Creating Culture That Support & Sustain Mental, Emotional, Social, Physical & Financial Wellness in the workplace.

Deanna shares with us her experience that prompted her to change the way she sees her relationship with her work and personal life. relationship with work and life is something that has evolved in importance over time and now it is a main focus of mine...I started Employers Advantage LLC so that I could take control of my future, the work I do, the impact of the work that I do and how my work fits into my life. I now want to provide that same opportunity to other people whenever possible.

Authority Magazine interviewer, Karen Mangia, shares that Harvard Business Review predicts that wellness will become the newest metric employers will use to analyze and to assess their employees’ mental, physical and financial health.

"How does your organization define wellness, and how does your organization measure wellness?"

For us, wellness is multi-faceted but starts with focusing on each person feeling safe, supported and respected so that they feel confident and comfortable in their roles and the workplace. When people are confident and comfortable, that will reflect in their work but will also spread to other parts of their lives. We don’t have structured policies or programs that measure wellness, but rather we keep an eye on each other through regular contact and I can see it their work and the feedback that we get from our clients through regular satisfaction surveys. - Deanna Baumgardner

"What are your “Top 5 Trends to Track in the Future of Workplace Wellness?"

  1. Mental Health Allies and Advocates

  2. Workplace Flexibility

  3. Increased Access to Mental Health & Wellness Benefits.

  4. Automation of tasks, Management of the human experience

  5. Transparency. When we know what is going, what to expect and why, we tend to be less stressed or anxious about the unknown.

Click here to read the full interview by Authority Magazine and see what Deanna has to say about having a good workforce organization and the impact it has on an organization's productivity and profitability.

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