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12 Years and Growing!

I have to be honest, when I started Employers Advantage LLC in August of 2010, I had no idea what I was doing and definitely had no idea that it would ever be more than just me. Granted, I had a lot of ideas of how I would want my business to run, but I had never started a business before, so I really wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. I spent a lot of time reflecting on my experiences as an employee at different companies and what I thought worked, what didn’t work and how I could apply that to my business. I spent countless hours researching whatever I could find and talking to anyone that would be willing to talk to me about their experience. That was the first step, gathering as much information as possible and determining what to use as well as what not use and then put it to use.

One thing that I did know when I started Employers Advantage was that I wanted to support small businesses and have that be the focus of the company. I used that as my primary point of focus and was able to then create guiding principles and goals that was applicable to that market, because small businesses are special and different. You can’t work with a small business the same way you work with larger companies or even medium size businesses. And you shouldn’t, so we don’t. We meet our small business and non-profit clients where they are at and do our best to align their business goals with the HR function.

I remember driving into uptown Charlotte to file my business license back in August of 2010 and then fast forward 12 years later and here I am working with an amazing group of people that make up the Employers Advantage team. And our team continues to grow as the business continues to grow. Not only am I lucky enough to work with the folks on my team, but the hundreds of small businesses that Employers Advantage has had the opportunity to work with, and continue to work with, over the last 12 years has been phenomenal. So many great companies, unique industries, and inspiring small business stories. The connections made over the years can not be discounted in anyway as there is something that I’ve learned from each one. Good, bad or indifferent, there is always something that can be taken away and learned.

All of that is what makes Employers Advantage what it is today, and we hope to continue to be for another 12 years and growing!

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