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Fractional Chief of Staff perks, pros, and possibilities!

Fractional Chief of Staff as a service - EA Edge

Let’s take a minute and talk about what is a Fractional Chief of Staff a professional Chief of Staff who you could hire on a full time or part time basis, and they can act as an advisor and support executives or leaders in an organization. The fractional part allows the person to be outside of the organization and provide a bird’s eye view of the organization to better provide strategy to the executives within the company.

Great! Now we know what a Fractional Chief of Staff is! But what is the role of a Chief of Staff?

A Chief of Staff role can take on many different responsibilities depending on the organization and its structure, but typically a Chief of Staff serves as a key advisor and confidant to a top executive such as a CEO, COO, CFO. Someone in the Chief of Staff role might participate in strategic planning, support decision making, project management, people leadership, problem solving, and many other opportunities. Most importantly, they represent the executive when the top executive is unable to be present or available. The supported executive and the Chief of Staff are in alignment and work together daily.

Fractional Chief of Staff definition… check.

Chief of Staff definition… check.  

Now what are the Fractional Chief of Staff perks, pros, and possibilities for me as an executive, or for the company?

  1. You need help now but may be unsure if the Chief of Staff position is what you need. Give it a test run with a Fractional Chief of Staff, let the professional set up the job function and see if it works for you.

  2. You need high levels of talent NOW, but at an affordable price. Chief of Staff positions can be costly with a high salary and benefit offerings, but you need the position to be filled now and maybe you don’t have the budget just yet for the position. The Fractional Chief of Staff could be a great option.

  3. You need someone with experience in solving the problems you have. A Fractional Chief of Staff will not only have the experience to help problem solve, but they also will work with a team to collaborate with to ensure that the problems are being solved with the utmost ethics, and integrity.

  4. You need someone who isn’t inside the company. Someone who can provide perspective from an outside point of view. Fractional Chief of Staff could really be the answer for you. They will come in with a wealth of knowledge and be able to direct the company in a positive direction.

  5. Is your company undergoing a leadership change? Do you need leadership stability during the transition? A Fractional Chief of Staff could be a good option to provide stability and direction during the transition.

What’s holding you back from trying something new? This could be the positive pivotal moment in 2024 for your organization.  Let’s talk about how a Fractional Chief of Staff can support your business.

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