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Feature: The 7 Steps of the Remote Employee Lifecycle

Our owner, Deanna Baumgardner, was recently featured in Globalization Partners' e-book, The Seven Steps of the Remote Employee Lifecycle.

With the massive shift to remote working over the past year or so, it is important for companies to understand the full scope of what that means for them and the employees through all stages of employment. The information presented in this e-book through Globalization Partners is invaluable for any company with a full or partial remote workforce.

Deanna's contribution can be found on page 18.

"'With remote offboarding, particularly with involuntary separations, the logistics of it all can be difficult to manage because it’s more than likely the employee is using company equipment and logged into company accounts to take the separation call. There can be a higher risk associated with unfavorable employee behavior with company equipment or content in a remote offboarding arrangement.'

- Deanna Baumgardner, PHR. President at Employers Advantage.

Employers Advantage is an outsourced Human Resources company where the “human” element is the focus."

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