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10 Years In...

Remember to celebrate, even the small things.

In the midst of challenging times, we are celebrating!

August marks the 10 year anniversary of Employers Advantage LLC and we are beyond grateful for this special milestone, for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that the 10-year milestone is a great accomplishment that we are very proud of. The second reason is that we really needed this. With the weight of the world seemingly on everyone’s shoulders right now, it can be more difficult to find celebrations. We needed this as a reminder to celebrate and not lose sight of all the positive and wonderful things happening.

As a small business leader, it is important to incorporate celebrating into the workplace to not only create employee engagement but to support employee wellbeing. Keeping an open mind and focusing on gratitude can help in finding things to celebrate each day.

Here are some easy ways to incorporate celebrations into the workday:

· Create a "kudos" board or channel. Whether you are in a physical workspace or working remotely, it can be an electronic channel in a messaging tool or a physical board in the company break room where posts of celebration are made for employees. For example: When we get feedback from a client about someone on our team, that goes in the Kudos channel on Slack and it becomes a celebration. This is also a great way to engage peer celebration

· Give "on the spot" recognition. In the moment feedback is the best feedback for a variety of reasons but it is a great opportunity to create a win and celebrate. This is as simple as giving praise to an employee when you see them doing a great job. When giving in the moment feedback, it should be specific so that they know what they did and can connect the recognition to that work.

· Bring people together. Provide opportunities for employees to connect with each other. Whether they are working at home or in a physical workspace, allow time to gather together either via an online platform or in person (with the proper social distancing and guidelines in place, of course). Providing lunch for everyone and bringing them together or simply carving out the time for engagement are simple ways to create this opportunity.

Particularly now when a lot of things seems so daunting, it is important to celebrate, be grateful and focus on moving forward.

As for the Employers Advantage LLC team, we are beyond grateful to reach this 10-year milestone with the love and support of so many friends, family and the small business community. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for an amazing 10 years and cheers to 10 more years!

With love and gratitude, Deanna

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