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Container Ship

shipping and logistics

case study

A shipping and logistics Company located outside of Charlotte was referred to Employers Advantage. The Company operated a large warehouse and employed 20-50 warehouse associates. The Company’s operations were seasonal, so staffing fluctuated significantly and at times temporary employees were needed. The Company contacted Employers Advantage seeking assistance with legal compliance from a staffing and safety perspective.

main goals: Audit overall HR functions and legal & safety compliance. Specifically, audit existing employee files, establish clean employee tracking and documentation, navigate temporary agency relationships, and serve as a subject matter expert if legal and/or safety issues arose. 

The President was having to constantly be in reactive mode. During peek season he was spending time either frantically recruiting short term hires, muddling through employee documentation, or negotiating with staffing agencies to fill open positions at a reasonable rate. During non-peek season, he was spending time monitoring incoming unemployment claims, reevaluating employee policies, and assessing & correcting potential warehouse safety hazards.


key challenges: Prioritization and time management. The HR functions were becoming cumbersome and time consuming. Profit directly correlated with product received and shipped. Time away from shipping and receiving, time spent managing employee and responding to safety violation complaints, although essential, was profit lost. 

In addition to auditing and absorbing all standard HR functions, Employers Advantage was able to monitor, appeal and attend unemployment hearings. We responded to safety violation claims and worked with management to make any necessary corrections. We also eliminated the need for outside staffing agencies through the development and implementation of a Recruiting Strategy that fulfilled the season needs of the company.  This saved them thousands of dollars in fees as well as reduced turnover.  To do these things, we had to continuously reassess policies and procedures and meticulously document. 

The President was able to focus on the key purpose of the business . . . moving product and trust all else was being proactively handled behind the scenes. 

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