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manufacturing company

case study

Employers Advantage was contacted by a Manufacturing company in North Carolina with about 35 employees as they were experiencing some significant issues in their HR function.  The Internationally Based Parent Company and Local Leadership Team, being unfamiliar with US and North Carolina employment regulations, were unsure as to how to manage the situation.  

Main Goals: Resolve the immediate issue of removing the current HR Manager (who was believed to be causing the issues) and then get a handle on the HR function to ensure that the company was compliant and develop processes to engage the employees.

The negative view of HR within the Employee and Leadership base created a significant challenge as well as a significant amount of liability for the company due to poor performance.  Leadership trusted that the HR function was being managed appropriately and was, for the most part, not included or involved in the specifics of the HR function.  Leadership and the employees were all somewhat leery of the HR function and how it would be received with Employers Advantage coming in the company to clean things up and potentially roll out significant changes to HR policies and practices.  The company was experiencing a high rate of turnover as well as an HR function that was over budget.

Key Challenges: Identify any areas of non-compliance, conducting a full scope Assessment of the HR function and identify the impact of the previous HR incumbent, identify opportunities to reduce turnover, assess HR technology and tools to understand what is being utilized and for what purposes, build relationships and trust with employees, support company performance standards and engage employees in the company goals.


Employers Advantage LLC took a slow and systematic approach to the HR function by starting with any pieces of the HR function that were out of compliance and completing the tasks required to ensure the company was compliant with all applicable federal and state employment regulations.  The next step was a focus on creating relationships and building trust with employees and giving them a resource that they feel comfortable working with.  With the work completed by their Employers Advantage HR Business partner, the company has experienced some very significant and impactful results.  

A few of them include:

  • A reduction in the employee turnover rate from 62% to 26%

  • An annual cost saving of $29,000 in fees with a transition to a more appropriate and small business friendly HR Information System

  • Significant improvement in overall company provided group benefit offerings and cost savings for both the company and employees 

  • Implemented consistent performance production bonus program which included processes to support manager/employee communication and performance

  • Compliant with all federal and state employment laws 

  • Leadership Training with Managers implemented and managed empowering them in their roles; in addition, Quarterly Team Building activities have strengthened their bond and opened better channels for communication.

  • Employee recognition programs implemented and valued by employees.

  • Streamlined new hire and onboarding process creating a solid foundational employee relationship.

  • Employees are more engaged and dedicated to the work they do 

  • Healthy Attrition allowed a more productive, dependable, and cohesive team

  • A Comprehensive Wage Survey allowed for the implementation of more competitive starting pay as well allowing for budgeting appropriate salary/hourly increases to the Top Performing Employees in the 2024 Annual Operating Plan

  • Lastly they obtained 365 Days with No Lost Time Accident as well as their ISO Certification within a year because the Management Team could focus on their roles instead of worrying about HR Matters and Battling Absenteeism.

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