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landscape management

case study

A family-owned landscape management company with about 50 employees was referred to Employers Advantage because they grew very quickly without any HR infrastructure and struggled with keeping up with the compliance requirements but also the day-to-day administration of HR tasks and adequate employee support.  Additionally, the group recently started a second e-commerce business with 15 employees and needed to get the HR function developed so they could ultimately hire a full time HR Manager to manage the HR function for both businesses. 

main goals: Audit the current HR function, identify company goals, and use the audit results and company goals to develop the HR infrastructure to meet their business needs.  This includes mapping out an organizational structure and identifying key manager positions that will allow the owners to get out of being “in” the business so they can work on the growth of the business.  Lastly, one of the goals included hiring a full-time manager that is the right fit for the organization, after the HR foundation was laid by Employers Advantage.

With the onset of the pandemic, customer volume increased at higher than previous records. Combine this with high turnover in staff and the result is instability in providing services to customers as contracted. This caused the owners to focus their time and efforts on business activities, with no one available to implement and communicate critical human resources policies, procedures, and structure that was needed to improve the situation. The pressure to find and keep talent was vital.

key challenges: High employee turnover, non-compliant employee practices, large number of Spanish speaking employees who were underserved regarding company communications, lack of employee handbook, and implementing new HR practices with employee buy-in.

Employers Advantage created and implemented compliant practices in all areas of HR which reduced employer liability and improved overall employee retention and satisfaction. The team was provided a current and compliant Handbook in both English and Spanish to ensure that all employees have the same information and access to company information. Hiring, onboarding, promotion, performance, and retention processes were implemented and maintained which resulted in consistency and compliance. And the goal of hiring an HR Manager to continue building upon the foundation laid by EA was fulfilled.

The feedback provided by the client regarded noticeable changes that they have experiences after 3 months of working with Employers Advantage: “Our overall employee satisfaction has increased since working with Employers Advantage and employee accountability has increased as well.  An overall sense of hope!!  We are more confident in the direction of our business than we have been in years.”

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