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case study

ISG was formed through the initial acquisition of two small entrepreneur-owned companies. As we began to integrate the companies, we discovered that they both lacked any real Human Resources function, and we did not know the extent to which they were compliant with the extensive rules and regulations surrounding the HR function.

We engaged Employers Advantage to complete a full audit and assessment of the HR function at these companies. They traveled to our locations, met with our staff members, examined our processes, and audited our personnel files, DOT files, and any other relevant HR compliance filing. This audit process proved to be invaluable as we turned out attention subsequently to building the HR function.

Employers Advantage then assisted us in developing the HR function through the creation of policies and procedures, developing, publishing, and implementing our Employee Handbook and our company Safety Manual. Employers Advantage was able to help us effectively and clearly communicate our policies and create culture through the creation of our handbook, while bringing our hazard communication policies up to OSHA standards, protecting us from fines and penalties.

Employers Advantage brings a wealth of human resources knowledge to their clients and work hands-on to create project plans and implementing effective strategies to achieve your company goals. I highly recommend them to any small business who strives to become an employer of choice, or to evaluate the infrastructure of companies your business may be seeking to acquire. They are more than outsourced human resources, they are truly a business partner.

As written by our valued client,  Mike Sisk, President &CEO, Infrastructure Services Group

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