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case study

Employers Advantage was contacted by a Family Law and Personal Injury Firm seeking guidance in various areas of Human Resources, primarily around employee management. In order to be able to function efficiently and effectively as a firm, staffing needed to be assessed, recruiting formalized, and policies put into place in an effort to reduce support staff turnover.

main goals: Audit overall HR functions and legal compliance. Navigate employee and staffing issues. 

The Partners of the Firm did not have the capacity to both successfully service their clients and manage support staff employees and policy issues. It is the classic “I need you in order to do my job well, but I cannot do my job well if I have to micromanage you.” Because the staff lacked clarity and policy enforcement consistency, they became unproductive and unreliable.

key challenges: Navigating involuntary and voluntary staffing turnover and formalizing recruiting efforts accordingly. Rolling out employee policies and monitoring enforcement to ensure consistency. Managing HR legal compliance, i.e., handbook, employee files, payroll, time tracking, etc.

The entire support staff turned over within the first year of our initial HR presence. The healthy and necessary turnover allowed the Firm to implement a more intentional, consistent, thorough recruiting effort. As a result, turnover has been eliminated. The support staff's stability and productivity directly corelates with the Partners’ ability to work efficiently and, thus, the Firm’s overall profitability.


Moreover, the Firm was able to shift attention from employee behavioral issues & policy enforcement inconsistencies to employee retention & reward programs. This shift has improved employee morale and fostered a more positive work atmosphere.

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