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What Makes Us Different from Other HR Companies?

Employers Advantage provides full service human resources solutions for small business. We roll up our sleeves and become your small business HR department, or we advise you on the best solutions for your business – based on what your company needs. Our solutions are always tailored to fit your company’s requirements-even if it means that we handle everything for you.




Hi, I’m Deanna, owner of Employers Advantage Human Resources Company. I’m also probably the person who will answer the phone when you call. HR Administration for small companies has been my goal since the day that I started Employers Advantage LLC.

Since our inception, Employers Advantage LLC has focused on Small Business HR Administration for two reasons:

I’ve always felt like HR compliance was next to impossible for a small companies to keep up with. Regulations are constantly changing and with small business owners already dedicating so much of their time to running their business it’s not uncommon for HR functions like hiring, firing, policy updates, compliance changes, and employee relations to get left out.

Secondly, Small business is really the backbone of a healthy community and economy. Most of our jobs today come from small companies, unlike decades ago when large companies were the employers for most people.

However, small businesses often have little or no HR support. They are also the most likely to be sued by employees. Not long after I started Employers Advantage I read a pretty scary statistic: over the last few decades employee lawsuits had risen more than 400% and a good bit of the lawsuits (more than 40 percent) were targeted at small companies with about 15 to 100 Employees.

I started thinking about why. It seems small companies just don’t have the time, or resources to correctly administer HR policies and procedures when so much is changing so quickly. Often, small business owners don’t know that what they’re doing is not in compliance with the most current standards. Small business owners simply can’t keep up with evolving HR requirements and run their business effectively.

That’s where Employers Advantage can help. We help small businesses get in compliance and stay in compliance by providing a variety of HR administration options. We provide everything from employee handbooks, termination of employment, I-9 compliance audits, management training, customized training, employee relations, performance management, and most other Human Resources functions and tasks that you may need help with.

We provide solutions that fit a variety of budgets- sometimes we act on your behalf, work with you, or help you manage it yourself. However big your company is; we have a solution that will fit your budget.

We would love to be your small business HR Department, let us know how we can help.


Employers Advantage Human Resources Company

Thanks to loyal support from our clients, Employers Advantage is celebrating it’s 5th year as a Human Resources Company.