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human resources


Designed to meet the needs of small business.

HR outsourcing packages for every budget

Employers Advantage provides a  suite of Small Business HR Packages to fit a variety of budgets and needs. Our HR Packages are designed to combine some of our most requested services and provide optional long term support.  Custom HR packages  and  à la carte HR Services are available upon request. If you don’t see what you need, contact us, and we’ll help you find a solution that fits your small business.

complete HR compliance package

Full scope

HR Compliance


Our Complete HR Compliance Package includes a Full Scope HR Compliance Audit

and a full year of  HR on Call. Our team of HR compliance experts will perform the audit for you, supply a full report with recommendations and then hand the reigns over to you with our continued advice.

We don’t just get you into HR compliance, we help keep you there.

Why outsource HR compliance?

Over 70% of employers are not fully compliant with FLSA (ADP), let alone all of the other regulations related to HR compliance, and there’s a lot. In fact, over 44% of HR managers have trouble keeping up with employment laws (ADP). That means even if your small business is lucky enough to have someone fully dedicated to Human Resources, there’s still a good chance that you need outside HR compliance support.

HR Compliance issues can cost a company a lot of cash. Simply put, it’s relatively inexpensive to get your business into HR compliance, as opposed to the consequences of not addressing compliance issues. Not handling HR compliance issues before there is a compliant can turn out to be one of the most expensive mistakes a company can make, regardless of whether or not you know about them.

  • We’ll identify and effectively address any past errors or omissions in your HR strategy, policy, procedure, application, or management.

  • We’ll continue to address all of your questions about HR compliance for a full year so that you are able to maintain compliance after we correct any issues.

complete HR compliance package

our small business HR department package

practical and effective HR solutions for you.

We truly become your small business Human Resources Department. We tailor and enact practical and effective HR solutions for you – everyday tasks and the sticky situations are handled for you.

Our Small Business HR Department is a full service HR strategy an implementation package to get you in compliance and keep you in compliance.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Full Scope HR Audit

  • Establish Compliance for Applicable Regulations

  • Draft Detailed Job Descriptions for Every Role

  • Employee Handbook Creation/Review/Rewrite based on the clients needs

  • Creation of HR Related Forms

  • Create and Implement all Applicable Procedures

  • Disciplinary/ Corrective Action

  • Determine appropriate Employee Classifications (Exempt/ Nonexempt)

  • Emergency Contacts Form

  • Job Description Template

  • New Employee Checklist

  • PTO Request Form

  • Reference Check Sheet

  • Role Expectations/ Development Form

  • Performance Evaluation Form

  • Sample Interview Questions

  • Termination Separation Checklist

  • Offer Letter/Terms of Employment

  • Separation of Employment

  • Employee Relations

  • Performance Management/ Recognition

  • Annual HR Documents Review & Ensure appropriate posters are displayed

  • Notification of HR Industry Updates & Updates on relevant employment regulations

  • Comprehensive Onboarding

our small business HR department package

HR documents starter package

your HR basics


Your basics are covered with the most common HR documents. Whether you are hiring, firing or managing current human capital this HR Documents Starter Package package will effectively equip you to limit liability by having the right paperwork in place and start off with your HR basics covered.

Included Human Resources documents

  • General Handbook

  • Application

  • Company Property Agreement

  • Corrective Action Form

  • Direct Deposit Authorization

  • Job Description Template

  • New Employee Checklist

  • PTO Request Form

  • Reference Check Sheet

  • Offer Letter/Terms of Employment

  • Role Expectations/ Development Form

  • Performance Evaluation Form

  • Sample Interview Questions

  • Termination Separation Checklist

HR document starter package

HR on call

Don’t know what to do?

We’ll help you handle simple tasks and sticky situations in accordance with state, federal and local regulations by advising you on how to handle each and every human resources situation.

With affordable monthly plans in 3-month increments, we offer practical, effective, and affordable advice. Don’t know what to do? We’ve got you covered! Our HR helpline, HR on Call, provides the advice that you need to make good decisions.​

Included HR advisory services

  • Talk to the same seasoned HR Consultant every time you call. We’ll get to know you and your team. You won’t need to explain on going issues over and over.

  • You’ll know for sure that you’re handling HR policies, procedures and actions in a way that limits liability for your company.

  • Response within 24 hours  M-F. Weekend availability upon request.

  • Phone, Email, and Text Response

  • Annual HR Documents Review

  • Notification of  industry relevant hr changes and updates. We also provide an explanation on how the changes apply to your small business.

  • Updates on relevant employment regulations to keep you in compliance.

HR on call

new overtime rules

compliance package

Avoid serious 

wage and hour


The new overtime rules are changing the way companies do business and are particularly impacting small business and non-profits. Many companies mistakenly believe that the salary threshold is the only consideration. However, many employees will be eligible for overtime even above the new salary threshold because of their specific job duties.

We’ll help you avoid serious wage and hour claims by helping you get each employee classified correctly and walking you through your options for paying them correctly.

HR services included in the overtime package

  • We’ll start with a pay practices audit and discover how many employees are affected by the overtime changes and look at any previous misclassifications that may have been overlooked.

  • We’ll make recommendations and outline solutions that are specific to your company or non-profit. We’ll make sure that you understand all of your options for each of your employees.

  • We’ll help you implement the changes in the form of policy roll out meetings and employee communications strategies that address morale issues that may arise from re-classification.

  • We’ll train your managers so that they understand the full scope of how they will need to change the management of employees who transition from exempt to non-exempt.

Customization options are available for our New Overtime Rules Compliance Package. Employers and Non-profits can request only the services that they need. We customize quotes for each client so that their specific Human Resources needs are covered.

new overtime rules compliance package

custom HR support

HR functions you need help with.

Does your small business need help with some HR functions and not others?  Work with us to create an HR package that outsources only the HR functions that  you need help with.

custom HR support

let's get


Our team has the experience to tailor solutions to your small business. Tell us a little about your HR needs

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